Qarnot computing


Qarnot computing is a young company incorporated in 2010 in Paris, France. Qarnot designed and operates the Q.rad, the first computing heater using embedded computers as a heat source. Totally silent, connected to the Internet, it performs remotely complex operations for computing companies and institutions. The heat produced by workload processing provides free and efficient heating for homes, public buildings and offices. Qarnot drastically reduces cloud High-performance computing (HPC) environmental footprint in an economically efficient manner.

Qarnot recently unveiled a new version of the Q.rad during CES ’17 in Las Vegas, fully equipped with sensors (presence, sound, air quality…) to propose ambient intelligence integrated within the building.


In GRECO project, Qarnot is providing its distributed computing for experimentation and actual smart building use cases and cloud of things. Qarnot will also contribute to scheduling activities.


Yanik NGOKO, PhD Research Engineer


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